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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dum Dum

I bought a massive 5 lb. sack of Dum Dum suckers from Costco. I get a lot of candy from the kids in class, some of which I should probably not eat. They give me unwrapped candy out of filthy little hands, but I figure it'll just boost my immunity for the next plague. Anyhow, I thought it was time to give back. I handed out Dum Dums in several of my classes.

Well I found something out - Koreans hate root beer flavor. Like so much that the unfortunate kid who got root beer (he said 'Yum chocolate!' when he got it, and I was like 'Uh that's root beer kid, it's a kind of...nevermind) was having the other kids sniff his root beer sucker, and they'd all mock puke after that. The second least popular flavor was cotton candy - only liked by one kid so far.

It's fine with me though. Root beer and cotton candy flavored Dum Dums are delicious.

This is some modern art/corporate logo I found in Ilsan - a giant die imprinted 'Life isn't always fair':

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  1. the three visible side show sixes. I'm guessing they're all sixes - as in, life isn't always fair (for those sorry assholes without this sweet die)