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Monday, February 1, 2010

Throwback weekend

I went out to Seoul this weekend and hung out with a dude I went to LT with. He's a dude from Western Springs. It was fun hanging out - we walked around some shopping district in Seoul, then headed south of the river to his area for some seafood, then to a couple taverns. We hung out with a group of his friends. There was a girl from Peoria, one from Canada, a dude from Germany and another American from parts unknown to me.

It was a fine time anyhow - fun to talk in English to people really fast, instead of deliberately slowing down the timbre of my speech and still not getting my message across. I crashed at my LT friend's place in Seoul, and the next morning headed to Itaewon to hit the bookstore and shoe shops. My LT friend is endeavoring to really learn Korean and is pretty good at it, so thus inspired I finally bought a phrase book and am going to try to learn the language already. I also got me some New Balance kicks, a couple novels and 6 bootleg DVDs from a fellow selling them on the street. It was a good weekend.

I found a bus stop adjacent to a Metro stop that's a little closer to my place. Unfortunately the bus stop is in the middle of a highway, so there's fuck all chance of grabbing a taxi if your bus doesn't come. You're just stranded:

Fortunately there is the bus tracker - my bus is the 72 (just like Division street). Eight more minutes:

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  1. Seems almost like you go out of your way to not say who this person is from LT. Who is it?