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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I got a bike!

My friend Carrie helped me buy a bike yesterday. It is super sweet - an orange folding Dahon Litesse. It's a 7 speed steel bike (if you're curious) and folds up small enough to fit in the front seat of a taxi, or lug uncomfortably on the crowded Seoul metro circle line.

After buying the bike Carrie and I went out for some vegan food. I had the 'protein stew' which was pretty delicious. Then we went and met a crowd at this bar called 'Mary Jane's' which had surprisingly awesome music. We were all out for our friend Natalie's 26th birthday. After that it was off to a club where you had to descend down 3 flights of stairs to get in. It was styled like a cave with a big dance floor in the middle and all these weird little nooks and sitting areas everywhere. There was not a fire escape to be found and it was actually difficult to find the door when we left. It was covered in beads and like a heavy fur pelt. Safe.

Despite my hangover I took the bike out to explore a bit today. Here it is at the pedestrian train crossing and in front of some abandoned flower shops:


  1. Sweet, tell me how Critical Mass in Seoul goes when you ride it.

  2. Sweet bike dahg. Long time no talk, which I guess is good because it seems you are getting assimilated (at least with the English speaking Korean living crowd). Let me know when you want to chat.

  3. you've been talking folding bike for a while, so its good to see. orange to boot. looks good for wheelies. I put moustach bars on the truk to get my weight back for the snow riding. only three spills this year, got 8 inches of snow here in C-U, so thats bound to rise.