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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I crossed the Han River

Well it's officially new year's here. I started celebrating with a sausage mcmuffin from ShaqRonald's (as Rudy call's McDonalds). I saw lots of girls wearing the hanbok, which is the traditional Korean dress, yesterday. I went out to the KS Mart to get an iron, ironing board, gloves and some more tiny cups to complete my tiny cup collection. I'll post pictures of them soon - I keep buying them because they're mad Korean. I wanted to get these gloves that looked like they are from the movie Tron, but they were too expensive, especially knowing that any gloves I buy will likely get left in a taxi someday.

Then I went bicycling to try to find the river, and find the river I did. It's quite surprising how fast you're in the country here, or as I call it, 'greenhouse land'. The country is nearly as dense as the city. It's packed with greenhouses, strange tumbledown houses, tons of dogs in cages (yummers!) and garbage everywhere. I only have to go over the pedestrian bridge over the railroad, through the park with the soccer field, past the flower shops and I'm right there to the local 'countryside'. Anyhow, I found a bridge with a little walking/biking trail alongside the highway to cross the Han River, so I took that just to have crossed the river like the Marines. The whole time biking I just kept imagining some horrible accident that would send a car catapulting over the divider into poor me. They are, after all, all Korean drivers.

Here is the Han and the bridge I crossed. Note the razor wire in the foreground preventing me from accessing the desolate land near the river:

And a view of the river from the middle of the bridge:

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