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Blowin up Haengsin-dong. Holla!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm back in the guk!


Well it's been quite some time. I apologize for my gap. Blogging is like working out - once you stop doing it you find an inertia in your inactivity. I'll try to be better. Since I've been gone I went to Busan, went back to the Seoul region, said goodbye to some dear friends, went back to Chicago for a month and a half, and came back here to Haensin-dong. That's a brief recapping - but honestly there isn't much to tell. I've been fascinated by the buildings here lately and blogger is the best format I know for large images. I introduce you to my study of the skyscraper apartments around where I live:

This is my neighborhood, and the day is gorgeous:

People love TV here, but who does't:

It's got to be a cinch being a Korean postman:

Home to many of my students:

Watch out for burglars! Just kidding, they don't exist here:

Taxi drivers and the taxi queue:

The power plant in Ilsan:

The setting sun in the mist and trees on the roofs:

Happy Lunar New Year's!