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Friday, February 5, 2010

Marvelous and the Rudefather

My old roommate, Rudy, sent me this fantastic chat conversation between him and my other old roommate, Matt. It should be noted that Matt insists on going by one of a litany of nicknames such as Marvin, Marvelous, Margin, Large Marge and The Golden Pheasant.

Rudefather: Yo marv! You available?
Marvelous: I'm here
Rudefather: Sorry, I was going to ask you a question, but I can't remember what.
Marvelous: ok, well if you think of it let me know
Rudefather: Done.
Marvelous: Hey, now I have a strange question for you.
Marvelous: what would you guess is the monthly electrical rate per kilowatt hour?
Rudefather: I don't know. Why would I be the person you ask that?
Marvelous: I don't know. I saw something in a standard of living article I was reading
and I thought why not ask Rudy
Rudefather: Oh that makes sense. And what are you doing reading standard of living articles? Why aren't you working.
Marvelous: I was eating lunch
and browsing around, educating myself instead of looking at facebook
Rudefather: Facebook is educational. How do you think I'm up on all of the gossip?
Marvelous: that's not educational.
Rudefather: Your definition of the word educational is too narrow.
Marvelous: isn't that ironic
I'm narrow minded because of definition of eductional
Rudefather: I don't see how that is ironic. Not even by Alanis Morisette's guidelines.
Marvelous: I meant an oxymoron
I know the two are different
I just read about it, and not on facebook
Rudefather: Now none of this makes sense. The definition of educating oneself would be to aquire knowledge one did not have prior. I was stating that you made a broad generalization based on your preconceived notion that facebook is not educational. For example I did not know that Steph and Jon were engaged
until I learned about it on Facebook. Just because I didn't read about it in Nerds Weekly doesn't mean I did not some how educate myself. On a side note you had to ask me about electrical rates and kilowatts therefore you clearly did not educate yourself. However to get back to the original reason I am writing this, how does the word oxymoron apply to any of this?

That's Marvin on the left and the Rudefather on the right:


  1. Remember when you made Margin a facebook page and he got really pissed? It's fun to make Margin mad.

  2. I wish I hadn't lost the login info for that. Sucks.

  3. I also found out that Steph and Jon were engaged through facebook as well as Ruby and Sean. Facebook is a wealth of knowledge.

  4. That's Marvin's classic "What?!" face. I'll bet when he had a few more of those PBRs he sneezed for about 15 minutes. Classic Marvin convo.