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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Break

They canceled my third to last class on Friday night, which is great, and terrible. It used to be one of my brutal one-student classes where the silence was deafening and the clock ticked backward. My last two classes, as I think I've mentioned before here, is with one girl who is silent also. I have to admit, she is getting more comfortable with me so she is talking a little more, but just.

So I have this hour off now where I go to the grocery and get food for the night. I came home then and did the dishes and I'm boiling water for a little ramen snack. This should all be pleasant, but I'm full of foreboding at having to go back. Please please please don't show up, Jaime. I want Friday night to start NOW!

I got a gift from one of my students this week. He mimed that he won it in a crane machine:

This is a little late, but a sweet Valentine's card made by hand from my friend Carrie:


  1. Do me a shiv and find out where the crain machine is for my visit. I'm still on fire. The Grill val is ridic.

  2. If you like crane machines - they are everywhere here. You can get knives and lighters in them too.