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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blizzard/ Payday

It's been a decent week so far, I'll say. We had a blizzard on Monday - biggest in Seoul in 103 years, but only 10 inches of accumulation. Really not bad by Chicago standards. The problem is that they don't plow so the streets are all hard packed snow with cars slipping all around. I've actually seen snow chains - something I've never actually seen before. Either way, and really to no surprise, it didn't stop kids from coming to school. Drat.

Our curriculum is basically monthly, so I've got a whole new set of books to teach now and the classes have changed a little. Fortunately for me my classes got smaller. Now I hope that's not a sign the school isn't doing well. I think it might be some seasonal thing I don't understand. Oh and I finally got paid today. Let me tell you - it's crazy how little tax they take out.

Alright, my friend Jin finally sent me some pics from us hanging out on Christmas. Here's one of them:


  1. Pour me some of that Jin. Oh yeah! Show some pics of the blizzard.

  2. They use tire chains here too!