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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Classroom tales

Today in class we were discussing what season we liked the best. A surprising number of the kids love the winter, which I don't get. One part of the book asked that you draw a picture of your favorite seasons, and the kids all hated that, so to placate them I drew a picture of my favorite season, the summer, on the chalkboard. I drew myself lying on the beach under an umbrella with a drink and a book at my side.

While grading the books at the end of class one of the kids drew in a 6-pack on chalkboard me. I laughed, and one of the kids was like, 'Teacher, you have chocolate?' In Korea, Chocolate means '6-pack', so called because your stomach kind of looks like a bar of Hershey chocolate, how it's divided into segments. I laughed and said, 'No, teacher wishes he had chocolate. Maybe chocolate ice cream,' and I mimed a big bulbous scoop coming off my midsection. That got a laugh - I'm really getting my comedy act together here.

Here's a can of sea snails I bought. I've been googling recipes since I got home trying to figure out how to eat them:


  1. Theyre called Golbaengi. People just eat them out of the can with some of the pepper paste -Gochujjang. theyre alright steamed in the shell. and you pick em out with toothpicks.
    They usually put them next to the cans of silkworms. Beondagi...
    have you seen those?
    Now thats some nasty shit.

  2. Whenever I have a hankering for some snail, I reach for quality. Dong Won brand sea snails Always the best.

  3. I've had escargot at a fancy wedding about 10 years ago. It was delicious.