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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I was going to do an entry today about hanging out in Seoul with my new friend Josh last night, but I'm just too excited about going to Costco to do that. I took the bus to Ilsan this afternoon and went to Costco to satisfy my ravenous cheese lust. I was worried it'd be hard to get the card, but despite not knowing my address by heart, or my work address, I was able to get the card for a mere $30. The place is a madhouse. Crowded like you wouldn't believe and just full of pushy Koreans. You know they'll push you? Like push right the fuck into you, like you aren't there. I found that the best way to counter the pushing is to 1) push back and 2) stare at them, with much eye contact. That spooks them good.

Anyway - the point of the story. They had cheese there, like real cheese from America. Not processed cheese - the real thing. I bought a brick of cheddar and a brick of mozzerella, a giant box of Carr's Table Water crackers, and a massive sack of Kirkland brand salt and pepper pistachios. I'm in heaven.

The second picture is the bus ride back from Ilsan.

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  1. We have learned that Americans love personal space more than the rest of the world. Our supermarket trips always leave us feeling uneasy. We have people pushing, grabbing things in front of you, pushing the carts into yours, with no regard to anyone else around them. I'm glad you got cheese, I don't think I could live with out it for that long:)