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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I went out with a girl

I went out for dinner and a few drinks with a Korean girl on Sunday. It was pretty fun - she's an English teacher, spent time in Vancouver so her English was pretty good. We spent a lot of the time at the bar talking about hip-hop music, which she liked but didn't understand any lyrics of. So I took it upon myself to explain some of the juicier double entendres of rap music. My personal favorite was when she told me she likes the group 'Swollen Members'. We'll see if I ever see her again.

Per the hip hop theme, I present to you 'Crunky' chocolate:


  1. oh Will... awesome. just awesome. :D
    i just love how u word the whole blog! its as if we're there and heard the crickets chirp right after u explained the meaning to her favorite band name.................
    assuming u did and now she wont likely see u again because of it.. lol! :P
    seriously.. u, uncle pat, and catherine have the best posts today!!!
    as always, looking forward to the next!
    (ps..u should write a book too!)

  2. That looks like some crunchy crunky. Moe.