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Monday, January 11, 2010

Making plans

My fellow teachers and I talked this weekend about making plans for the future. Evidently it's one of the most popular streams of thought out here. Let me explain: where will I live in the States? What will I do? When will I be back there? Things of that nature. I'm slowly formulating a plan myself.

I'd like to be here for a couple years, save up some good scratch, and head back stateside to do grad school for secondary education. Specifically, I'd like to go to SIU just to live that awesome southern life for awhile. I'm going to try to make it happen.

Here's a building from one of my walks. Humansia: a dwelling for human Asians.


  1. Arg, you continue to enrage me William. You cant live there for a few years because you promised me you would only live there for one. Also then if you go to grad school at SIU you will still be too far from Chicago. This is very disappointing... can you stick to our original plan please and just do what I want you to do? Is that really so hard.

    Also, post pictures please. I know you have none but have some of your korean friends send you some ;)

  2. Will,
    As was of your former employers and a twenty-eight year veteran of junior high classrooms, I am enjoying your take on teaching in Korea.

    Kudos on the career plan. Teaching has enough variety inherent in the job to keep it from becoming boring and enough days off to allow a person the time to travel.

    Southern Illinois sounds like a great place to spend your time while getting certified. All of the nature would be a nice change of pace from the industrial look of Southern Korea.

    One last kudo... your chalk-art drawing of the Chevy Caprice was quite good. Looks like something your father would buy.

  3. that building creeps me out for some reason. just sounds 'inhumane'... :P

  4. to me it sounds like a variation on "euthanasia".