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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The stereotypes are true

I had a class yesterday where the topic was 'what do you eat'. It was a lot of me going around and asking the kids what their favorite foods are and stuff. Bulgogi pizza tends to come up a lot, as well as rice and kimchi and a billion dishes I can't understand when they tell me what they are. Then there was a little chart where you ask someone if they've tried lobster, or steak, or pizza or whatever and they answer whether they have or not, and whether they liked it or not.

And dog was on that chart. Literally, have you tried dog? And 3 girls in the class HAD tried dog, and one admitted to liking it. They all seemed to agree it tasted like beef, and I like beef. So maybe I should start eating dog.

Here's a view out my balcony during the blizzard, which gives you some idea of the accumulation:

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  1. Oh, so many true stereotypes, like how all women love sweets and bullfrogs love weed.