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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I haven't assimilated

I really haven't assimilated at all, yet. It's hard to order in restaurants and I don't really know yet how to meet natives yet. We'll see. I've been listening to a ton of podcasts lately - namely the Steve Dahl show. I've been listening to Adam Carolla's podcast a little too which is decent, and I've been catching up with Fresh Air via their podcast. If you want a good rollicking time download the Fresh Air podcast with Russell Brand, the English comedian.

I really want a kindle - they don't ship to Korea yet, though. I'm hungry for books (oh my address is Baksan Bestuil #810, Hangsin-Dong 763-2 Dukyang-Gu Koyang, South Korea, incidentally).

Here's a shot of a street right by me, 4 days after the blizzard. As you can see, they don't do much street clearing.


  1. I think the best podcast out there is WNYC's Radio Lab. All 90something are up on iTunes. Must-hears are:

    1.) Where am I?
    2.) Musical Language
    3.) Time
    4.) Emergence

    Also Marc Maron's WTF is good; will sustain your fill of self deprecating Jewish guy humor.

    Do you ever see people x country ski down the roads?

  2. To assimilate is to make an ass out of Mila, Ted and I (me). I like how they have the addresses huge on the buildings. That would make life so much easier to find addresses.

  3. Have you checked out WFMU's Best Show? It's a pretty great radio show available on iTunes in podcast form. The drummer from Superchunk calls in posing as a different character every week. Those calls are also available separately as "Best Show Gems."

  4. if i could afford a kindle, i would send u one..hopefully your parents or someone will take the hint.. ;)

    and i know u will assimilate soon cuz u seem to be a quick learner and eager to adapt!

    keep up the postings! theyre great!
    thanks Will!
    looking forward to your next blog!
    (oh and ive been catching up on always sunny in philly.. if u can get that there..always great for a laugh!)

  5. What kind of books would you like? They sell a ton of books at second hand stores here, I could look for some and send them to you.

  6. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I'm busy working on the recommended podcasts. And Kit Nat - if you really want to send me books I've been digging Henry James, Somerset Maugham, Chuck Palaniuk, Irvine Welsh, Theodore Dreiser, just getting into Hemingway (thanks Kit) - lots of other stuff. I'm pretty wide open - Penguin books always are a good bet for me. I can reciprocate with stuff if you can think of anything you want from here. Funny notebooks? Clothes? Random gift assortment?

  7. I sent you the entire Twilight series. Your welcome.

  8. YOU'RE welcome. God, you know less English than my students.

  9. I second the Radio Lab recommendations. I'm also a little obsessed with Planet Money.

    Korea kind of looks like Russia. The slush is similar, at any rate.

  10. do they sell the sony e-reader. The pocket edition is cheaper, and will fit in a coat pocket, or even (careful not to sit on it) a back jean pocket. you don't have to get all the books from amazon either, and can get all the pdf free stuff from guttenberg type sites or whatever to read on it.