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Sunday, January 10, 2010

More friends

I went out with my friend Carrie who lives close to me in Ilsan, and her friends last night. It was a good time - we had Indian food and then went out to a bar. It was one of her friend's birthday so we all had to don silly conical birthday hats at dinner and take copious amounts of photos. Carrie does not like to be photographed, and demurred when someone tried to take a pic of her. Then they passed the camera to the other side of the table to take a photo of me and the Korean boyfriend of the birthday girl I was sitting next to (can you tell I can't remember any names?) and I. I told them 'I love being photographed, but I'm very self-involved.' That went over well and they laughed. Little do they know that it's completely true.

I also did a little shopping yesterday. I bought some skinny jeans and a skeleton hoodie, which is basically the unofficial uniform of Korean teenagers. What can I say? It's a good look.

Finally, I took a walk today in a direction I'd never been before. Goyang is so different than Chicago, i.e. you can walk in any direction, at any time of day or night and not worry about being mugged. In fact I might start doing some mugging myself. Seems like a real money making opportunity. I found a river though, which was kinda neat.

They've been scooping all the snow up and loading it into trucks. I bet they're dumping it at the DMZ.


  1. What's DMZ? I'm just catching up on the blog. I like the self involved part, being very self involved as well I like subjects that I feel apply to me. Congrats on the cheese. I just stopped by the cheese castle in Wisconsin yesterday and loaded up on some curds. Jealous? They squeak.

  2. Hey cuz! Glad to see you on my self-aggrendizing zone. The DMZ is the Demilitarized zone separating North Korea from Awesome Korea. It's a 2 1/2 to 5 mile strip of land that goes from coast to coast on this peninsula, and it contains many many landmines and I've heard, tigers too (for realz - the lack of humanity has made it a default nature reserve). Mom told me not to go there. Best!