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Friday, December 11, 2009

Week 2: DONE

I finished week two of teaching and I really feel I'm getting in the groove. I had a class earlier this week where I was asking the kids what they watched on TV. I asked a girl and the other kids all started shouting 'Channel 19! Channel 19!' She was mortified.

'What is Channel 19?' I inquired, and beckoned a boy up to the board. He drew a stick person watching another stick person on TV.

'He is watching bodies,' he said.

'Oh, Porn,' I replied. 'Alright, well I'm off to watch channel 19, goodnight!' The class collectively gasped. 'Just kidding!' My jokes don't translate, evidently.

One of the other teachers is setting me up with her sister this weekend. She asked today, 'Do you want Korean friends?'


'Okay, my sister is very active and always reading in English. She speaks much better than me. She doesn't have a boyfriend for 10 years because she goes to all girls high school and college, but she is very interested in foreign friend.'

So that's what's next, folks.

Here are some scary totems I passed on one of my walks last weekend. I think the guy on the right is Japanese. Or Indian.


  1. Can i get channel 19 on some Korean version of hulu? Korulu? Korealu? HuKorealu?

  2. About the pic; they're called Jangseung. They protect the edge of a village. Its an old style Korean man and woman.

    So i was curious was to what the chinese on the poles meant. I know most of them, except the the second to last one. So i searched it.
    the one on the right says EARTH-UNDER-WOMAN-(???)-WAR.
    If you google "EARTH UNDER WOMAN" which ≈ Underground woman
    you get pics of sexy chinese women! Hot Dayum!
    but really its "the biggest general under the heavens and the underworld woman general."