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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One month!

I've been in Korea one month today, and I think I'm adjusting pretty well. It's been a largely solitary existence so far, but that hasn't been terrible. I remember feeling a lot lonelier after a month in Newcastle, when I studied there years ago. I think the difference is that I have something to do for 7 hours a day here, and teaching is a very social thing, so I'm quite happy for some alone time once I get off work. Perhaps I was younger and more social then, and I'm kind of older and grouchy now.

The kids are good - varying degrees of good, and annoying. There is one kid that I really can't stand in one of my younger classes. I feel horrible that I don't like him, but all he does is sleep, or whine, or scream. I'm fairly certain he's crazy - I asked another teacher what was wrong with him and she said 'He has a very strange personality.' All the kids take English names (mercifully for me) for class and his is June, which is bizarre for a boy.

Here's my jolly loner self-portrait:


  1. One month. Congrats. You can graduate to Pull Ups now. Did you ever figure out how your washer becomes a dryer? And what's the deal with that teachers sister? Hope all is well.

  2. Good ole Seoul. Your blog is bringing up a lot of memories for me. I went over there to teach english over in YoungdeonPo-Gu area. It definitely was a solitary life over there. I was lonely as hell! I had a hard time with it all, from the food, to the people, to the weather. I think if I went now, 7 years later, it would be different. Youre kinda cute; enjoy your time in Seoul. Have you been to etewon yet? The military area?