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Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm a sick one today

I caught a cold from one of my students, I know it. They sneeze and cough and leak nose goo all over the place, and it got to me. I'm always very self-pitying when I have a cold - I hate it, and today at work was brutal. My last two classes are full of awful middle school kids who really don't give a shit about learning, which makes the end of my Friday workday tough. The last two Fridays I've found myself doing quite a bit of yelling in class.

Today I didn't have the energy - I just felt beat up by the time 6:30 rolled around. To my surprise the class was very well behaved today, relatively. I found out how to inspire fear in them. Yelling doesn't do shit - you have to not smile. I just frowned my way through class and found that it inspired fear/respect. Fantastic.

Here's my daily pic: garlic chips from the grocery. I like the '30% Fat Down' in the corner. They were surprisingly buttery, but decent.


  1. that's not an ashtray in the picture, is it?

  2. Can you hit your students or give them physical punishments in Korea?

  3. Yelling and frowning are the shit. You're learning!

  4. Sheila - technically I can but it's frowned up on for us gringitos to hit the children, nor would I want to.

    The most common punishment is having them stand with their hands raised above their head. The punishment worse than that is kneeling with hands raised - like you just got out of a police car and the cop yelled 'Hands up! Get down!'

  5. I guess you would probably be yelling hands up, pants down. Zing!