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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I went out with my co-worker and her sister today. It was great time - we had coffee, then went out for Vietnamese food which they thought was shitty (it was). We then walked around the mall at Ilsan and finally settled on a traditional Korean place where we tucked in for 5 hours of rice wine and soju, and tons of mussels and kimchi. I'm not gonna lie - it was a blast. I taught them swear words, [English name] Ashley and I talked shit about the kids we don't liked, the warned me about Korean girls who just want me for a Green Card, and they told me I could be making shitloads of dough doing tutoring and they'd hook me up with how to do it.

It was a thoroughly successful day professionally and personally. Ashley's sister is a babe too (bonus). Oh, they told me I look like Jude Law. I don't, but what the hell do they know about gringos, and at least they didn't say Robin Williams.

Photo of the day: Nazi car repair shop. They repair BMWs and Porches (according to the sign).

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