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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Governor

I woke up early on Christmas day and left the apartment for the store because I was starving. On my way out, what do I see but a package for ol' 810 in my mailbox. My friend Caitlin sent me a Christmas gift of a card signed by Rod Blagojavich and a pack of Newport cigarettes! It was a Christmas miracle.

Oh I'm going to try to kick the cigs next week (New Year's). Here's the awesome signed postcard from Rod - it reads 'To Will, Hope you are enjoying South Korea. Good luck over there. I'm glad you are in the South instead of the North. -Rod Blagojevich

Thanks Caitlin - you're awesome!


  1. awesome :D
    good luck next week! just think "black lung" ..i'll send a pic if u want for motivation. ew.


  2. haha that is amazing! Get that bad boy into a frame. I didn't know Blago was so good with the dry wit.

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  4. That's quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

    Hope all is well Will! Finally taking a minute to check out your blog. Oh, I quit DHD a few months, okay, actually that might be the coolest thing ever.

    Hope all is well,