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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Damn churchies

I was woken up from my pre-work nap this morning by a ring at the door. It was two Korean women jabbering at my door. I was out of it just having woken up, and they were chattering at me in Korean like I speak the language. They thrust a paper at me with English and I read 'Have you heard of the blessed Queen of Heaven?' No thank you, no thank you, I said, and shut the door.

Oh if you go to McDonald's in Asia I recommend the Shanghai Chicken Sandwich - spicy and delicious.

Here's one of my homecooked meals: grilled cheese and hard boiled eggs with kimchi. Yum.


  1. what if that was your ONE chance to meet the Queen of Heaven?? You've gotta seize those opportunities.

  2. Did you make that Kimchi yourself?

  3. I did not - the director of the school gave it to me. She's a very nice lady.