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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Alien

I'm officially a registered alien as of today. It's funny because Aliens are mentioned often by the kids at school. It's one of the English words they know well, and I can draw a pretty good alien, and when I do it always goes over well.

All the kids have cell phones - not just cell phones but AWESOME cell phones with video chat and tv built in. I was doing a lesson where I asked them what they got for their birthday and they nearly all responded 'a phone'. They asked me if I had one and when I said no the whole classroom gasped in unison. 'Get one, Teacher!'

Here is my alien registration card, my new bus card, and a magnet for Mexicana Fried Chicken that a student gave me today. I'm excited about the bus card - you can transfer right to other buses and the metro in Seoul. How about that - integrated transportation.


  1. Please tell me that sweet headphone lady feeds you the mexican fried chicken when you purchase it. I'm going to suggest that to Roan to bump up his act.



  2. Jealous of the bus pass. Here you have to pay for each zone your are going through and then pay again if you transfer buses!