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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I've been watching way too much Trailer Park Boys

My brother Bri turned me onto this Canadian show called Trailer Park Boys - it's like a Canadian version of It's Always Sunny, kind of. That's the nearest thing I can liken it to. It's pretty funny, let me tell you, and what's more than that there are 8 seasons all available on Youtube, so I've been watching it pretty much nonstop. I'm through season 8 so far.

I know I've been watching a lot because I dreamed about it last night. Well, I dreamed about my own version of it, produced by me. Like how The Office franchised the British version. Anyway, it's something to do because I'm running low on the won till next month's first payday.

I did splurge on Pizza Hut this weekend because I've had a powerful yen for cheese. They gave me a bonus calender too - nice guys.

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