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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good weekend!

On Saturday my friend Taylor and I went down to Seoul to meet my friend Keri for some drinks near Insadong, then some samgyeopsal. We had drinks at the Sam 1999 cafe. There was R. Kelly playing somewhere outside the cafe, which portended a good night:

There wasn't anyone in Sam 1999 but they did have a huge head at the table next to us:

The samgyeopsal (which is barbequed bacon kind of) was delicious but the kimchi was the best I've had in Korea. We devoured the meal:

Taylor, Keri and I went on to a bar for some soju cocktails, then Taylor and I headed back toward home. He convinced me to skip Haengsin and head straight to Ilsan to meet some friends out on the town. Well, we found out that the Gyeunggi line train's Ilsan stop takes you to a really strange area, way far from the fun area, Lafesta. After much waiting we finally snagged a taxi and met up with his friends. After the bar we decided that it'd be a great idea to grab more beer and sit out front of the convenience store. We ran into a rowdy group of Koreans that only wanted to talk with us and touch way too much, but they were fun. One guy looked like this Korean rapper, G-Dragon and didn't mind being called that by us. Here are some end of the night photos at the GS 25 convenience store:

These dudes kept pulling my hood over my hat. I have no idea why:

Next post is about Sunday - I went to see a Korean baseball game!

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  1. You know you loved them touching you so much!!