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Friday, May 14, 2010


My friend In Hwan invited me to see a game last Sunday. It was the LG Twins versus the Kia Tigers. I asked In Hwan before the baseball season began who I should root for. He said he liked LG, but he said 'They have many fans but they usually do not win.' Just like the Cubs, I thought, so I became an LG fan. I lucked into an incredible game. We sad in the seats in right field, where you have to get there early to claim a seat because there isn't any assigned seating. I was late - it was really far from where I live and I still haven't gotten the Seoul Metro timing down. The tickets were $7 and beers in the stadium were $3 sold from a 7-11 like store in the park which also sold snacks. There was a KFC in the park too.

Before the game they had all kinds of contests and stuff, including this one I tried to capture where a guy had to carry his girlfriend or wife for about 50 feet, then answer a trivia question. That's what it seemed like anyway - I still don't know Korean:

They have cheerleaders for the game. I mean hot girls in baseball-type dresses dancing all game long. It's incredible. They also cheer songs all game long. Each team has several songs, each player has a song, and different plays have a song (like if the pitcher throws to first too much they sing that he ought to throw home already). We had a cheering stage by us but there weren't any hot cheerleaders, just two famous super-fan dudes:

Kia fans were on one side and LG on the other. I'm not gonna lie - Kia was out cheering LG for a lot of the game. And they were the out of towners too.

This is a shot of the LG fan side. Everyone had those boomsticks and sang like crazy. It was pretty amazing. I love going to baseball games. LG was down 3-1 in the 9th and came back to win with two doubles, then a single to score 3 runs and instigate an on field celebration. Nothing beats that. An additional bonus is that Hee Seop Choi was there playing for the Tigers. He had a lousy game but it was nice to see him again.

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