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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updates updates

I've got a whole new crop of kids because it's a new school year. That starts in March around here. I have kids I don't know, and the kids I do are all shuffled around into different classes. I have one class where there are two kids with English name 'Jack' and another with two 'James'. Now I haven't quite figured out the James situation, but the Jack class I have 'New Jack' and 'Old Jack'. It's gone over pretty well with both kids, and it's really fun saying 'New Jack' all class long.

I finally got a haircut today. Of course, they speak no English at the 'Men's Beauty Salon' I visited. He asked in Korean what I wanted (I think) and I just whipped out my Alien Registration Card and said 'Make it like that, or whatever.' He did a pretty good job, I must say. There was a catalog of haircuts in front of me, like you'd find at any barber shops. The haircut names included 'Max', 'Basic', 'Super Basic' and 'Metrosexual'. There is no banter required with a Korean haircut, though my co-teacher informed me that they talk plenty when you speak Korean. The best part is that the whole thing was under $6, no tip.

I'm trying to be less annoying to the people I know here, so I bought a phone. It's pretty sweet - it's a Samsung made 'Anycall' phone. Interesting side note - the Samsung made cars here are branded 'Anycar'. It has free TV build in, along with a subway map and a 2 megapixel camera. The baffling thing about buying a cell phone here - it didn't come with a charger. What?

Here's my new phone with Korean TV playing and antennae in full force:


  1. Really moving up in this world, the pay as you go phone you had here in Chicago is dog poop to this. Welcome to why people like better phones Will... I knew you would understand one day.