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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Classroom tales

I walked into one of my classes today to find one kid crying - bummer. The other kids explained to me that a kid 'James' had bent the other kids finger back till he cried. I grabbed the wronged kid and marched him to the director for some ice or something. Well they didn't have ice, so instead the director came in my classroom and asked for James. He was out for a few minutes in which time the other kids explained to me, in so many words, that James is a bully and because I busted him they were all going to catch hell from the little bastard. Except one kid, who laughed and said he wouldn't get any problem because he had an older brother at the school that reserved exclusive beating rights for himself. James came back crying from what I was fairly certain was a beating by the director.

Last week during a game of hangman in a class I let one of the students be the hangman-master. He was laughing to himself as he set it up, and I found out why when the board read D_NG and a girl shouted 'DUNG!' Then two girls rushed the kid and rapped him on the back for choosing that word. I was delighted.

Here is another in my series of Korean notebooks:


  1. holy cow I love the one on the right with the heart arrow coming out the side of its head.

  2. don't we all love a soft delight

  3. I often think about how it's great to plenty of delicious and lovely things. I one arrow winked while I wrote that. > O