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Friday, June 11, 2010

Glasses day

One of the lessons I taught recently featured some stickers that you were supposed to stick like cellophane to and make sunglasses. Well I wasn't prepared and didn't have any cellophane, but that didn't stop the kids from just sticking it to their face anyway. The kid on the left here is the quietest kid ever. His English name is Charles but he said it so softly that I thought it was 'Hars'. Well I'd never heard that name but I called him 'Hars' for like 3 months until I found out he's 'Charles:

This girl is really funny. She's younger than all the other kids in the class - like 6 I think, but she speaks English well and is brave enough to try to talk. Cool girl:

This kid didn't know I was taking his picture:

'Teacher wear glasses!' Ok:


  1. we had lunch one time with a friend from Atlanta, Ga. who constantly mentioned her brother "Jolly". He turned out to be Charlie.

  2. Whoa, I worked with a girl who's husband legally changed his name to Chollie. I swore right then and there that I'd never meet him. Nice glasses.

  3. 量力而為,別勉強了,Cut your coat according to your cloth. ....................................................