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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sokcho to Surf

My friend Taylor knows this bartender in Ilsan who invited him to go surfing. Taylor said they had an open seat and so last Saturday morning we took the bus to Ilsan and met up with Jun and Min Oh for a road trip East for surfing. We drove through the mountainous middle of Korea to the other side on the east coast near the northern border. It was cold and there weren't any waves, but we did stay in Min Oh's company's kickass apartment. The highlight was definitely the fish market. It was utter chaos - mongers getting out in front of you and throwing live octopi on the ground for you to gape at. Tons of crabs, live fish and pretty much anything you can imagine scooped from the ocean for your consumption. I didn't see another waeguk (foreign teacher) the whole time.

We ate some super spicy soup here at the 38th Parallel cafe:

The restaurant was empty but the food was great and the view was incredible:

I decided against drinking the wiener tea:

Fishing boats adjacent to the market:

This lady was selling taffy, crying out 'Taffy! Taffy!' in Korean. Taffy in Korean also means 'fuck you!'

Brutal knife collection by the lady slicing up our sushi:

More to come - I have to get to class.


  1. OMG! i want one of those weiner teas! hahaha! :D

  2. second pic: is that boat half-buried in the sand?

  3. That boat surely is half buried in sand.